Aitona cheeses with milk from our goats


Formatges Montllobé is a family business, producer of handmade cheese for more than 20 years, licenced in Veterinary and with the “Artisan Cheese-Maker Master” qualification.

We’ve got our own flock of 100 goats, made of two breeds: the French one and the Murcian-granadin. The milk from these goats is the only source which we make the cheese from. We prepare it with raw milk, thus we can achieve an intense, unique and high quality flavour.



Shiny cheese without crust shaped like a flat basket.

Mild and neutral flavour allowing for other secondary aromas to appear.



Thick cheese with mouldy crust coloured in between a blueish and grey colour.

Sharp goat flavour, slightly fruity with a mild hazelnut flavour



Cylindrical cheese with mouldy crust coloured in between a blueish and grey colour.

Sharp goat flavour, very well-balanced and with a strong and penetrating flavour.


Cylindrical cheese with rounded edges and with thin cream-coloured crust. Sometimes, it can have blue and white spots.

With little ageing time, it has a mild goat flavour with a dry hay, honey and/or hazelnut flavour.

«Our goal is that the cheese gets to the consumer and to receive the recognition of the work well-done and the personal satisfaction of all these years dedicated to the flock»



In 1993, Mercè and Manel, with great eagerness, started a family business. They started with a 15 goats flock, specifically from Saanen breed, completely sanitized and arrived from France.

During the first year, they sold the milk, but they quickly built the cheese factory and, little by little, they got started in cheese-making training. After several courses and lots of effort, the project got consolidated.

At Mercè and Manel’s home there aren’t any frontier or nationalism problems. The goats are in a town called Fraga, in Aragón, and the cheese factory is in Aitona, in Catalunya.

The cheese maker training is visible in how they handle the goats and in the cheese itself. Manel has got a Veterinary degree by the university of Zaragoza, moreover, he has taken part in several cheese-making trainings, both in France and in Catalunya and in 2013 he received the “Artisan Cheese-Maker Master” diploma by the Alimentary Commission of Catalunya.


Nowadays, they have 90 goats, belonging to Saanen and Murcian-granadin breeds, who give them an ideal milk for a quality production of “Half-aged”, “Aged” and “Tabollet”, this last one named in relation to the town of Aitona, where the factory is. A first quality milk to elaborate cheese from raw and pre-aged milk, that, thanks to the good-developed technique and the adequate ageing, give the product its exceptional qualities.